The Social Sciences

What are the Social Sciences?

The social sciences are the science of how we live together. They matter deeply to the quality of our lives and the fairness of our society. Social science is how we track gender discrimination in the workplace, monitor public opinion and identify the winners and losers of economic and cultural change. For example, social scientists have shown that racism can impact on health, that investment in childhood leads to thriving adults, and have even shown how terror networks are formed and can be dismantled.

The major social sciences include: Anthropology, Criminology, Political Science, Sociology, Demography, Geography, Linguistics, Management, Economics, Marketing and Social Statistics.

Social Scientists also work in other disciplines more closely related to the humanities and natural and behavioural sciences, including in Accounting, History, Law, Philosophy, Education, Psychology, and Medicine.

Social Scientists work across the private, public and community sectors. Many of our business, community and political leaders have social science training.