Social Sciences Week

Social Sciences Week is an opportunity for social scientists to engage non-academic audiences with cutting edge social science research, to show-case the diversity and relevance of social science. It will include interactive community and school-based events, bringing the social sciences to life, particularly for the next generation of university students, social scientists and citizens.

Social Sciences Week events can be staged by any individual or group attached to an organisation that has the capacity to run an event, including Social Sciences associations, universities, schools, community organisations or businesses. Events can be held at any time during the week of 10-16 September, 2018. If you have an idea for an event, big or small, check in with your organisation to see if they can support it, and then contact us here to register the event and have it included in the web-program. All registered events will be listed in the program, and receive a Social Sciences Week Organisers’ Pack, including an event advertising template, a Social Sciences Week poster, and a set of tips on how to run and promote your event.

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