Media Release
Monday 10 September


Australia’s Social Science peak bodies and associations are joining together to launch the first ever Social Sciences Week in 2018 (September 10-16), in response to inadequate support.

“The challenges facing Australia are human in nature, and the social sciences hold the keys to unlocking our understanding of how to address these problems, said Associate Professor Dan Woodman, President of The Australian Sociological Association.

“Australia’s social sciences produce the majority of our leaders, including our ASX-listed CEOs[1], yet the discipline is being eroded in our universities through lack of adequate funding for research on the wicked problems the social sciences attempt to solve.

“Any issue with a human element such as lowering crime rates, adaptation to climate change, or our society’s trust in institutions are all understood and enhanced through the social sciences.

“None of the Science and Research priorities, defined by the Australian Research Council, fall into the fields of the social sciences despite the human and societal factors that exist within each priority

“In 2018, the ARC only funded 113 projects in the social sciences (including psychology, education, and economics) compared to 423 projects funded in science, engineering, and technology[2].

“One of the greatest impacts of the Social Sciences is giving people new ways to think about and discuss the structures and inequalities that shape our lives.

“No government, business, school or community organisation can do its job well unless it has good information to guide its decisions. Providing this information is one of the most important contributions of the Social Sciences.

Social Sciences Week will showcase the diversity of issues being addressed through the social sciences. It includes interactive community and school-based events that will bring the social sciences to life for the next generation of students, social scientists and citizens.

For a full list of Social Sciences Week events: www.socialsciencesweek.com.au

MEDIA CONTACT: Dan Woodman, 0402434167

Social Sciences Week is an initiative of The Australian Sociological Association; Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology; Australian Anthropological Society; Australian Political Studies Association; Academy of Social Sciences in Australia; Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities.

[1] http://www.assa.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Shape-the-Nation-Final-Web.pdf

[2] https://rms.arc.gov.au/RMS/Report/Download/Report/a3f6be6e-33f7-4fb5-98a6-7526aaa184cf/181

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